Share your knowledge to support us.

  • You are active in the vehicle design business? How about designing future light-weight horse-drawn city carts? Challenge and field of public merits at a time.
  • You know and have access to decision making groups on various authority levels?
    Let us bring in the topic of horse based mobility together.
  • You are expert in international tax law and/or non-profit organisations and could suggest an appropriate legal form for the initiative? Or you know the equivalent recognition of common public interest of the Belgian a.i.s.b.l. in Germany and other countries?
    Please share your knowledge with us.
  • You can provide statistical methodological skills with regard to emission reduction calculations for various traffic concepts?
    How about to use it for horse based mobility calculations?
  • You are designer and you have a nice idea how to insert horse-drawn carts into the EU logo "Do the right mix"? Let us see.
  • Something else? Go ahead!

And a bit of your money.

It costs quite a bit to fund all the research, travel and networking activities - as it usually is with lobbying activities throughout Europe. Only here, there is no supporting lobby organisation with massive financial capacities or an association based on membership fees, but private personal engagement only. So please do your bit and launch this strategic orientation of environmental-friendly future traffic concepts. Support the initiative and the undertaken endeavours by giving a one-time payment or by continuous sponsoring.  It will be your legacy to future generations.


Please address your bank transfers to:

Initiative horsesgogreen

c/o Therese Grosswiele Verlag

GLS Bank eG

IBAN DE24 4306 0967 8232 2897 00



Although the work is of pro bono character, a charitable donation receipt cannot be filled out as long as there is no legal form recognised as tax-privileged to the initiative. All givings have to be regarded as gift.

You can also use PayPal: