Horses go on GREEN energy.

Horses eat grass and hay. This is green energy at its greenest. They transform this green energy into natural horse power offering it as traction power.

Horse drawn carriages and wagons are thus based on environmental friendly energy:

> renewable

> locally available

> resource efficient

Mobility and Sustainability

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability refers to the handling of resources and is given in case the following principles are fulfilled:

  • infinite prolongation
  • global usability.

That means, that the chosen method / technique can be applied without any time restrictions which means it is fed solely by renewable components. Furthermore it means, that the chosen method / technique can be applied everywhere on the globe - with respective adaptations to local conditions.

According to these criteria, horse based mobility can be regarded as a sustainable concept.

Cui bono?

And who benefits from horse based mobility?

A lot of people, directly and indirectly, now and in future:

> all, since clean 'drive system'

> all, since contribution to climate protection

> regionally many, since horse keeping means agricultural

   land use and thus protection of natural resources and

   a working eco-system

> locally a few alongside the whole value chain, since horse

   keeping and carrier business are income source for various


> future generations, since traditional culture techniques and

   natural heritage is being saved.