Funding Research

  • Research of suitable funding programmes of EU Funding Period 2014 - 2020 (on EU, national and regional level)
  • presentations at topic related NGOs and potential applicants 2015 in Germany, Italy and Austria

EU Transport Strategy

While on-site mobility and transport management are the responsibility of urban, local and regional communities, their actions and measures taken are widely influenced by EU targets and EU funding. So it is important to integrate the traffic mode of horse based mobility into the White Papers and strategies of the EU. Only by that it will be visible as an officially accepted transport and mobility mode and will arise in subordinate regulations.

Up to now, only walking and cycling have shown up in official papers as an alternative to be launched in order to cut down the amount of conventionally fueled cars. Horse based mobility is not seen at all up to now and is thus not mentioned in all the concepts for local mobility and infrastructure of cities, communities and rural areas. Without good reason.

PR Work

  • topic related blog see
  • comments and replies in public non-specific blogs aiming to inform broader target groups about chances and overcome prejudices

Project Development

  • Meetings to discuss horse based mobililty with national EU contact points in Germany and Slovenia
  • EU project draft "Horse Based Mobility" within the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020
  • EU Funding application (Expression of Interest)
    "Horse Based Mobility" in Budapest November 2015
  • EU project development "Horse 0 emission Tourism"
    within the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme
  • EU Fund one-step application "Horse 0 emission Tourism" in Budapest June 2017 (Decision December 2017)